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Florida to Bahrain

August, 2022

I have been hesitant to post about a transition I have been preparing for over the past few months. To be honest, it's challenging to fully mentally commit to any plans because of repetitive changes, turns, and complete 180s. However, I am excited to share that I am planning to relocate to the Kingdom of Bahrain until next July for a fellowship with the U.S. Embassy and a local university in Bahrain.

I have been working online with different organizations throughout Bahrain and other surrounding countries; so even though I am heading somewhere I have never been, it already feels familiar. I will meet coworkers, students, and other colleagues that I have been getting to know virtually. I have already learned many beautiful and intriguing things about this country and the people who call it home and I know I have a lot more to learn.

Though I am both excited and nervous for this change, there is not much I can do about uncertainty. Will everything work out? Will I actually get off the plane in Bahrain in the next few weeks? Maybe months? So much will be unknown until it isn't; but I remind myself that there is so much for me today. Right here: preparing, thinking, dreaming, and living.

I may not know what will happen these next moments, but I know that this anticipation has changed my current perspective; the beauty of my present-day normal. The moments with family and friends feel a little more sweet, my everyday routine feels a little more special, and the lake I've walked around hundreds of times since I was a kid looks a little more beautiful.

My life will include many endings and beginnings and transitions; that is guaranteed. So how do I want to live during these moments and all the moments in between? It can seem a lot easier to pull away to make the transition easier; but I am convinced that hard moments and goodbyes are evidence of life lived fully. I can both miss home and embrace a new phase of life with the same presentness that I am learning today. So, while expecting the unexpected, I will squeeze every last drop out of this current period of life, location, and experience. And when the timing is right, I'll get on a plane and try to do just that while in Bahrain.

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