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"I want to see music."


Danny feels things holistically: from wanting to “see music” by watching sound waves to the way he interacts with and empathizes with people. He doesn’t want to experience things just partially and he always pushes himself to view things from alternate angles. He extends beyond the conventional by challenging himself to think in new ways so that he can create new things. If something isn’t working, he doesn’t give up; he just asks himself how he can approach the situation differently (even if that situation is throwing gum wrappers at a fan).

For Danny, meaning and connectivity are important. The questions, “Why am I doing this?” and “What does this mean?” seem to be vital to his motivation. Within an hour of sitting through a lesson with Danny, we went through physics, sound waves, music, engineering, and photography in a way that really showed the beauty of how interrelated things are in the world! He never seems to get interrupted by things or people, because he views “interruptions” as non-coincidental and meaningful in and of themselves (which is probably why we sat with a stranger for an hour as Danny attempted to depict what it looks like to spend time with people graphically). 

Danny is gifted in finding joy in everyday life and in simplicity; and he wants to bring people along with him. He will patiently answer questions, illustrate examples, and creatively articulate the content that he is communicating. However, it doesn’t seem to stem from a place of “trying hard.” He shares his observations and explorations with others because he has a genuine passion and teaching is an overflow of his excitement. 

He is not self-centered, but he is loyal. He is one of those people that you want to share news and ideas with because he will grow almost as excited as you are. He wants to learn new things and I think that one of the major ways that he shows others their importance to him is through his genuine interest. Danny stands behind the people that he cares about and he will push them to achieve their passions as he pushes himself to achieve his. The way that he acts the same towards people regardless of who or what is happening around him is super cool. He shows that he is on your team through his authenticity and not holding back to preserve his self-image. 

Confidence does not equal pride.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned from hanging out with Danny is what it looks like to know who you are. This doesn’t mean that he’s not figuring out things day by day like everyone else. He just seems to know that he is important and won’t let others treat him as less than that. It shows me that confidence does not equal pride; because Danny’s confidence actually draws him towards other people in a humble and gentle way. Danny has taught me to take it slow, value interruptions, and seek connection with both people and the intricate structure of this world. 


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