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Luna (better known as Luna-Fish) is by far one of my favorite people. She is funny, thoughtful, patient, adventurous, and welcoming to everyone that she meets. We have had the opportunity to share so many moments together from watching a magician and ice skating to just relaxing and watching countless episodes of Nickelodeon. She is just fun to be around and puts the people around her at ease no matter what is going on. This girl has the ability to really see people through her strength and ambition.  

Even though Luna is only in middle school, she has the gift of noticing people. Don’t get me wrong, because I am already persuaded that age has very little to do with emotional maturity. But, Luna shows so much compassion and understanding to others in a way that allows people of many different backgrounds to feel free around her. She can both be the life of the party and the one that seeks people, welcomes them in, and shows them that they belong too. 

she laughs and learns and keeps trying

Throughout this month, Luna and I got to share some new adventures, we got to meet many different people, and we got to try new things. She takes on so many new challenges and obstacles without fear of messing up. In fact, I think that I have learned that messing up can be really fun sometimes with the right attitude and focus on growth instead of failure. Even when she accidentally clings onto a stranger while ice skating for the first time (and also asked to “please stop”), she laughs and learns and keeps trying.

Luna is a self-starter. When she has a goal, she makes a plan and takes action. I know that she has been raised to believe in herself and I cannot wait to see the things that she accomplishes through her gift of creativity and entrepreneurship. Also, while this girl comes up with innovative ideas, she brings people along with her. It is hard to not get excited as Luna shares the new things that she is learning and the new ideas that she has to explore her passions and to influence the people in her life. 

With both gentleness and strength, Luna shows a grace for other people beautifully. I have observed her resilience through the way that she constantly speaks the very best of people and makes so many choices to give second chances. She shines in her capacity to forgive, speak life into lives, and genuinely encourage others daily. She will never totally understand the way that her words have impacted some of the hardest moments in my life. On days of doubt, her words are some that often pop into my head and help me to confidently face obstacles and my own insecurities. 

As I have been spending time reflecting on how much Luna has encouraged my own life, I am grateful that somehow I met this girl when I moved to Gainesville. She has been so much more than a friend to me; she has welcomed me into her family. On days when it has been hard to live away from my own family, I have had a bonus little sister that I can only describe as a gift from God. I don’t know how or when; but I am 100% convinced that this is not the last time you will hear about Luna. She is already doing great things and affecting the world everyday. Love you sis.

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