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On Purpose.

Move in our nation, bring healing in our land;

give us unity & resilience to fight ‘til the end.

Lord, humble your children

help us look to your lead

to stand with our sisters and our brothers

and see each other the way you intended us to be.

On purpose, you made us different & beautiful & unique.

You've designated passion & strength

& color

& language

& texture into our individually constructed souls.

You wouldn't have it any other way.

Please break down our worldview

& give the wisdom to determine

what pieces are from You?

Like mercy & grace & justice.

weave these tightly into our DNA.

These actions.

"Justice" has become a fancy word.

Colored, painted, said loudly, debated.

But justice is humbling.

Do we even know what it means?

No matter how you say it;

it is potent, rich, offensive.

& You said to DO justice. Do justice & walk humbly & correct oppression.

Do. Walk. Correct. Move.

Therefore, if these are actions we must DO,

then we make other people’s problems, our problems.

We learn.

We speak

& we listen without simultaneously calculating our response.

We just listen.

We let ourselves feel the weight.

It's heavy.

Fill our eyes with tears because You’ve opened them!

We’ve squeezed our eyelids tight to the oppression.

No more! Keep our gaze on reality

so that we are unified in mobility to enact change;

and not stay frozen in painful silence.

Flow through us to fight hard for peace.

& push us to where we haven't gone before.

We have to go where we haven't gone before.

Guide us to choose to agree with You.

Teach us to sit & be still & listen

God, this land has disrespected, degraded, & destroyed

Your creation for far too long.

We need a Doctor, a Healer, a Surgeon.

Rip our hearts to shreds for Your people.

Until tattered

& utterly broken.

So we can experience even a sliver

of Your heart.

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