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"You'll never be able to communicate to others that they matter, until you believe that you matter."


My name is Courtney Elizabeth Lee Miles, but I love when people call me Court. It instantly makes me feel like we are buds. I could live off of ice cream, salsa, and raw vegetables. In fact, I ate so many carrots last year that my hands turned orange and I had to give them up so I wouldn't look like I got a bad spray. I mean-mug while I dance and I’m a shockingly talented freestyle rapper (follow me on RapChat @C’$wizzel). I love jewel tones and neon colors and the sky has never stopped impressing me. 

I’m strong. I love the feeling of pushing myself beyond what seems possible and accomplishing tasks physically, mentally, and emotionally that I haven't before. Lifting heavy weights and running outside makes me feel like I am secretly training for the FBI. I have learned how to pioneer new things and to take action even when the outcome is uncertain. If I'm told I can't do something, I'll figure out a way to do it; and I'll probably be rocking Princess Leia buns while I do.

I am passionate about empowering women and living out my own femininity boldly. I want to live every day of my life seeking people out, welcoming them in, and finding ways to broaden my perspective. I care about justice and peace and I will use my voice even when it creates tension. I am fascinated by languages and cultures and my heart longs for connectivity with the world.

I’m definitely a bit nerdy. I love studying, reading, and making mental connections between a million different things. If you talk me through something complicated, I will excitedly jump from thing to thing until I can finally cohesively explain what is happening in my head. I will write, and re-write, and process, and strive to verbalize the things that I discover. I think school is so stinking fun and I believe that it should be more accessible and equitable for every human being. I am going to find a way to make changes to the education system. 

I’m a risk-taker. I live life on the edge in obvious ways like through skydiving, trapeze classes, and tree climbing; but also in not so obvious ways like when I figure out how to articulate and share what I’m thinking or allow myself to be vulnerable. I am learning to honor myself and the decisions that I’ve made in the past, as well as the intuition that I have in the present. I have unique thoughts that only I have and I have a unique vision that only I can accomplish. I am a friend, a sister, and a daughter.

Nonetheless, I am not defined by what I do or by my gifts or talents. If all of this were stripped away, I would still be okay because I know that my value and identity are unchanged regardless of my accomplishments or even my failures. I am worthy, I am whole, and I am beautiful.

PC: Danny Rashwan

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