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Speak Up and Show Up


Jasmine is one of my absolute favorite people to talk to. She has been a source of calm during moments in my life that have felt overwhelming. She has taught me so much about how to be open, honest, and actually deal with the things going on in my life. I know I’m not the same person from knowing her, and I hope that I can give even a glimpse of what it’s like to have a friend like Jas. 

Jasmine contains a combination of intuition, patience, and inquiry when talking with others. Multiple times, I’ve shared way more than I intended to when processing with Jas because of her ability to cultivate a free and safe environment. She actually has the unique passion to teach strategies that lead to greater emotional health and respect for others. I’ve had the opportunity to observe her in-action at work where she collaborates with kids that look up to her and find solace in the atmosphere that she works to create. A huge take-away that I have from watching Jas is that treating others with respect often leads to a greater understanding of our own dignity and worthiness of respect. 

She’s an all-encompassing friend.

Jasmine is the kind of person who shows up, even when she doesn’t have to. I never realized how much it means to me to have people that are actually there. She’s taken the time to be where I am and to spend time with people that I love (and she’s even taken her whole morning to move her couch to my second story apartment!). She’s an all-encompassing friend. Jasmine is someone that I can both celebrate with and just sit with and enjoy. I can be with her when I’m doing well or not doing well, and she remains committed. 

I think that knowing people who extend acceptance regardless of your bad days, thoughtless words, and misunderstood emotions helps in the growth of compassion. Jasmine has the ability to go beyond just loving people. She has the gift of verbalizing reassurance. It can be easy to operate out of shame without even realizing it. Jas isn’t afraid to say the hard thing, especially when she recognizes signs of self-deprivation. She allows those around her to be free to "not have it all together" while making sure that they are also reminded of their quality and competence. I have never left a conversation with this girl feeling anything other than loved and seen and I know she leaves SO MANY PEOPLE feeling this exact same way. 

Having someone like Jas that is encouraging (like really, genuinely life-giving) and so brave in her everyday interactions is an unbelievable gift. I have honestly begun to view my own value differently because of her words. Our voices have power; and I want to use my words to uplift others like Jas so often does. There are many messages in the world that teach that we aren’t enough. Jasmine teaches the opposite through her commitment, her acceptance of others, and her ability to speak truth into lives without preconditions. Love you forever, Jas: you’re a world changer.

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