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"What is the whole story?"

We decided that sitting in a cushioned chair in the middle of the park wasn't the best idea...


I am absolutely convinced that everyone needs a Sarah in their life. She has so much grace, patience, and empathy for the people around her. Watching this girl lead and teach a group of first graders has taught me what it looks like to assume the best of people. It doesn’t matter if kids are pulling on her shirt, throwing punches at lunch, or lying on the floor crying; Sarah always gives her time to help them reset. Not to mention that she does it all with a calm and understanding demeanor. 

Sarah shows strength in how she practices loving the people around her. She shows that there are always multiple layers to every situation by taking the time to help those around her to get to the bottom of why they aren’t ok. She asks questions and considers all of the angles. Rather than staying zoomed in on situations, she seems to take a step back and ask, “What is the whole story?” 

Sarah is loyal to herself as she is loyal to other people. She says exactly what she means and she stands behind her people. Because of this, she is easy to trust and confide in. She seems so steady in her relationships and I have never heard her talk negatively about anyone. She both maintains her boundaries and refuses to put others down. This teaches me that trustworthiness is very tied to loyalty and Sarah is a person that encompasses both. 

Sarah is fun and seems to enjoy doing little things everyday that bring peace. For someone that works so hard to serve and bless her students, she has an incredible balance of also doing things that are restful and exciting for herself. She makes time to live her life purposefully everyday. Sarah communicates to others their importance by living in the moment regardless of how busy she is (and all of my elementary teachers out there, I know you’re busy!). It has become really apparent to me that Sarah has the gift of being able to be present where she is with total attention to the people she is with.

worrying less and just living more

I have found so much rest, calm, and steadiness in my moments with Sarah. As I’ve begun working full-time, I have started to see how easy it can be to go through life robotically: Wake-up, work, go home, sleep. But, I have observed Sarah live her life so fully. She honors herself by enjoying each day, loving her people fiercely, and asking the right questions. As I look forward, I pray that I can practice loving people better by worrying less and just living more.


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