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Sunset over the Mountains


This collection has been curated by people around the world. We are excited to share ideas, resources, and other recommendations. We hope this library brings you as much joy as it did to make. 


Can music really change our lives? How impactful can one song really be? As we have shared recommendations with each other along with stories from our lives triggered by certain melodies, it seems that music can effect us more than we think. As the world has undergone a global pandemic and experienced deep disparities and separations, many artists have seemed to creatively pull us in through their touching lyrics. Many musicians have even collaborated virtually like the Tehran Philharmonic Orchestra seen in the video to the right. 


"Dedicated to all the people of the world; people whose love knows no borders."

I've even heard individuals say they are learning a new language now because of the inspiration from a song. As artists like BTS have grown into global phenomenons, emotions and feelings communicated through their music has helped bring people together from different cultures, languages, and backgrounds. We hope you enjoy our recommendations!

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همايون شجريان | مرغ سحر مترجمة عربي / Morgh-e Sahar 

방탄소년단 / Life Goes On - BTS

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